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Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary (CTSS) is managed by a board of directors who are passionate about the humane treatment of animals and supportive of those who care for their needs.  CTSS's board is governed by bylaws and conducts board meetings as needed.  All matters of importance and all financial aid are voted on and must be approved by the board.  Board directors receive no compensation for their service.

CTSS keeps meticulous financial records and conforms to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), which are the accounting rules, standards, and procedures issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board.   CTTS's annual financial disclosers are open to the public.

CTSS does not need a physical building, so it has very few operating expenses. The board is determined to spend less than 5% of its income on administration, advertising, and fundraising. This permits its revenue to be used for the purposes that it is intended, that is, aid for animals and those who rescue or care for them.

Financial Filings by Year




Pauline Haas-Vaughn, President

Pauline is employed as the Statewide Manager for Healthy Families AZ, a $28 Million prevention and early intervention program for at risk families who are pregnant or have an infant. The program is administered through the Department of Child Safety and has locations in every county across the state. Pauline oversees the budget, ensuring quality and program fidelity to the national model and manages a team of 6 staff.  For Cherished Tails Pauline oversees all operations including the budget and fundraising, record keeping and animal care management, ensuring that all dogs get the veterinary care needed.

Brian C Vaughn, Director

Brian is a professional glass artist and a stay-at-home dog dad. He provides direct care to the animals at the main rescue property (ie the “ranch”) and assists with fundraising and foster events. He especially enjoys fostering and nurturing the senior dogs that are part of the Permanent Paws program.

Cher Heath, Director

Cher works in customer service and despite having moved to S. Carolina has remained involved with the rescue.  Sadly, her last Permanent Paws pup passed recently but she still deeply cares for the seniors and the at risk dogs the rescue helps. Cher previously ran her own rescue so is very knowledgeable about direct animal care (medical and behavioral needs) and always willing to give support and advice.

John ConnerJohn works in the (human) senior health care field & also has the CTSS longest term Permanent Paws pup, as well as fostering additional pups as needed. He is very hands on supporting the rescue in a variety of ways including foster support, management of supplies, adoptions coordinator, transport, and the “jack of all trades” for everything rescue 

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