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In Memory Of Pets We Loved

In loving memory of our cherished pets who have touched our hearts and enriched our lives, we invite you to celebrate their legacy with a memorial gift to Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary. Your donation not only honors the memory of your beloved companion but also helps provide a lifeline to homeless dogs in the Southern Arizona region who are on their journey to find their forever homes.

At Cherished Tails, we are dedicated to rescuing, providing medical care, and fostering senior dogs in need. These wise and wonderful canines, often overlooked by adopters, find a safe haven with us, and your memorial gift ensures they receive the love and support they deserve in their twilight years.

Your generosity allows us to continue our mission of giving these deserving dogs a second chance at a happy and healthy life. Your donation will help provide food, shelter, medical attention, and the love and care that every senior dog deserves.

As we remember our beloved pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge, let us also celebrate the compassion and kindness that bound us together. Your memorial gift to Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary is a heartfelt tribute that will make a real difference in the lives of these senior dogs, bringing hope and happiness to their journey.

To make a memorial gift or learn more about how your contribution can impact the lives of senior dogs in need, please visit our website or contact us directly. Together, we can honor the memory of our cherished pets and continue to provide love and care to those who are still searching for their forever homes. Thank you for your support, and may the memories of our beloved companions shine brightly in our hearts.

To have your pet memorialized for on this page:

1. Email with a photo for the website, the name an a short description (max 250 words) of the pet.

2. Make a $100 donation for two years, and $250 in perpetuity, through the link below or mail a check to Cherished Tails, PO Box 631, Marana, AZ 85653

We lost our dear little Punkin (formerly Trixie) in 2022. She was the sweetest little girl imaginable and we miss her still.  Thank you so much for letting us have her.  She had kidney issues and had to have fluids under the skin 3 days a week.  The staff at our vet all adored her, even tho she had bitten several of them!  
Keep up the good work with seniors.  They are very special

A long time dog owner and big-hearted CTSS supporter, couldn't decide which dog to include on the Memorial Page, so she donated for all of the six she has loved and lost.  Enjoy these beautiful pictures. With the name of each pup, she included their most memorable personality trait.
skeeter at vet.jpeg

Skeeter - Rascal

tia cone.jpeg

Tia - Sweetest


Sophie - Gentle


Ralph - Devoted


Zoe - Fiesty


Penny - Playful


Brandy (AKA Guerra), was adopted September 6, 2018. Sadly Brandy got a cancerous nasal tumor and, though her family tried everything they could, she succumbed to it January 7, 2024. Brandy was such a shining light in her home from day one and she was their little mama and companion…always watching out for everyone, with or without fur. She is dearly missed.  She was able to share five wonderful years in a warm, loving home.

Remembrance to Bear

When I first saw Bear, I was looking for a friend for my aging black lab Scout. I searched many rescue websites and attended a number of rescue events in search of the right match. After many months, I found a life-changing photo and story about a dutch shepherd mix named Bear who was 9 years old. In the photo he was sitting on a patio chair all proud and he had a look about him that felt familiar. In his bio he was said to have been rescued by Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary, that he was recently treated for cancer and that he was recovering in Camp Verde. There was just something about him I can’t explain that drew me in. I wanted to meet Bear and see if he would warm up to me and Scout but before this could happen, Scout passed away. Weeks had gone by and I decided to see if Bear was still available for adoption. Much to my surprise and joy he was. Days later I drove up to Camp Verde to meet him and that was all it took. The following week I brought him home and that is where our journey began. From the minute he got in my car we became inseparable. We went and did everything together. For five+ years, Bear and I faced each day with a love for life that I never knew possible. He brought me so much love and joy whether it be during our playtime, walks in the park, daily rides in the car, exploring dog-friendly restaurants, cuddling by the tv or sleeping side-by-side. We travelled to many places and experienced many things for the first time together. In all of this, Bear faced 3 more cancer surgeries like a champ. He also pushed through physical therapy sessions for degenerative nerve and spinal issues. No matter what we faced, we did it together. When the end came on December 30, 2023, we were together for each and every one of his final breaths. The last thing I will remember is the look in his eyes when we said goodbye. It was as if he was saying “Papa, I am tired and am ready to sleep now.” I will love and cherish Bear for the rest of my life and hope one day to be reunited with him on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Goodbye my best friend. I will miss you.

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